• StarterPreneur Digital Bundle

    Are you ready to go From Lost to Boss? When I started my first business I was lost and wasted a LOT of money trying to find my way through starting a business. After building out business #2 things became easier and I invested about $8,000 into my knowledge to become more efficient. 


    I created the StarterPreneur Digital Bundle to help you gain business clarity, business credit, marketing strategies, write out your business plan to generate the right structure and plan out your business launch with the right strategies. 


    Here's what you'll learn in this bundle:

    From Lost to Boss Workbook - This book was created to lay out the foundation of your business so that you know what you have versus what you need to have in order to be successful in your business. In this book, you will create your business plan and proposal, marketing plan and strategy, evaluate your financial plan, review legal documents and the CEO job description.


    Business Building Guide - This guide was created after my Rebuild, Rebrand and Relaunch werkshop that was held in December 2019. Many of the StarterPreneur in the room had great questions that would help others create best practice strategies, plans and execution. It's time to build that business because it won't build itself! 2020 is the year of a new decade and we refuse to not get that dream you've been holding in any longer. This business bulding guide will help you with building your business with a business audit, business creditors list, brand management, marketing strategies and so much more. 


    30-Day Idea Planner - Introducing the "Plan that $hit!" 30-day Planner. Have you been sitting on a great idea but don't know where to start to create it? Do you want to have a business but need a plan to execute it? Here's a planner to dive into budgeting, a month overview, daily task and goal setting.

    All eDownloads are in PDF Format and can be utilize on any device. PDFs have fixed page content, just like a print book. The pages will fit to the size of your device and you may need to zoom in and out and pan around each page to read the text.



    Talk about a jump start into your dreams and goals of owning your own business. I have struggled for 3 yrs on truly launching my brand because I just don’t know where to start, but after reading and using the “Lost to Boss” workbook, I have been able to ask myself all the hard questions. Dig deeper into what makes my business unique as well as knowing I don’t need to be rich to start, I just need to put pin to paper and get it done! This workbook has been a blessing in getting to my 2019 goals and finally shining the light on my business. This workbook truly shows you you can make anything come into fruition.

    CiCi J.


    I recently started a business and thanks to From Loss to Boss, I was able to come up with a business strategy that has allowed me to finally turn a business I once talked to friends about into reality. This book has allowed me to map out things down to the purpose for starting the business, the audience I want to market too, as well as how I will drive in revenue. Im so grateful to have received this workbook. I strongly recommend this to any future business owners as well as business owners who are trying to become more organized.



    This product is perfect for the aspiring entrepreneur that is looking to take that leap of faith and put their gifts and talents to work! Natasha has an amazing way of asking questions that uncover the real wants, needs, and requirements from her clients. This is the perfect starting point for anyone who want to go into entrepreneurship prepared and with their plan mapped out for execution!"

    Brandy Kennedy


    Feel free to use live chat or email me at info@natashalhall.com